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Research & Models

On these pages you'll find a range of models that may help in both professional and personal development.

These include a model for motivational solution-focussed coaching; a new approach to approaching and attaining happiness and well-being; a model for assessing impacts; and the DR LASSO technique for de-escalating aggressive behvaiours.

Please click on the links on the left for details and free downloads.

Publications and conference presentations include:

Anglicare Victoria - sole author (2012)
Report: A comprehensive AOD treatment services manual (350 pages).

APSAD - principal author (2012)
Presentation: Introducing the MASCOT (Melbourne Attitudes to Substance use, Change and Openness to Treatment scale)

Victorian Dept. of Health - principal author (2011)
Report: A new framework for the Forensic Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Victorian (200 pages).

ACSO COATS - co author (2009)
Report: - What works with Young AOD-Using Offenders.

APSAD - principal researcher (2009)
The relationship between life-contentment, depression and substance useā€¦ what we clinicians can do to help.

APSAD - principal researcher (2006)
Motivation for the new Millennium. A new multidimensional model for enhancing and maintaining motivation to change.




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