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Adult Aspergers

Much has been written about children with Asperger's syndrome, and the diagnositic category of Autism Spectrum Disorder. For some people the characteristics of this disorder can be significant enough to create marked distress and impairment in one or more life areas.

Not always a disorder
Whilst for many, autism is significantly disabling and detected early in childhood. However, for others who present as high functioning autism or Aspergers' Syndrome, rather than being seen as a disability, this could be seen as an imbalance of abilities. Whilst there are areas of sensory and social processing where the person may be less developed than their peers, in other areas such as creativity, innovative though, and pattern recognition, it is likely to be well ahead of their neurotypical peers. Understanding how to harness such 'superpowers', whilst at the same time adapting to operating in a neurotypical world, can enable such individuals to thrive and achiieve happy successful lives.




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